Facials: buy 5 treatments and receive your 6th free

Facials are a great way of improving and maintaining the appearance, tone and texture of the skin.  Regular treatments will promote healthy, soft and beautiful skin.  With even just one treatment you will notice the different to your skin leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated so it is the perfect treatment for special occasions as well as all year round.

I practice two facial treatments; an hour facial or a 30 minute express facial.  My hour facial procedure consists of a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage, mask, scalp/hand/foot massage and moisturiser.  Each stage of the facial can work on different concerns and can therefore be personalised and adapted to make exactly the right facial to suit your needs.  A full consultation is completed before every facial so we can discuss what you would like to achieve and any concerns you might have with your skin.

Cleansing is the most important part of the facial as the skin needs to be cleaned before other products can be applied and therefore absorbed into the skin.  Exfoliating is an instant radiance booster and will stimulate the skin helping it to look cleaner and fresher.  As well as removing dead skin cells that can make the skin look dull, exfoliation will help the absorption of all the other products, therefore helping with hydration and protection of the skin.

Facial massage helps with circulation and will stimulate the functioning of the skin.  This part of the facial is very relaxing and includes a shoulder massage to loosen any tension.  The facial massage also includes lymphatic drainage to help eliminate fluid and to aid in the removal of waste products by increasing the circulation, resulting in cleaner and refreshed skin.  What you wish to achieve from the facial will depend on which mask is used and range from purifying to hydrating and firming.  While the mask is on a scalp massage will relieve any tension in this area and is then followed by a hand and foot massage.  The final part of the facial is to make sure the skin is protected and moisturised with a product appropriate for your skin type.

My express facial consists of a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, facial massage with mask and moisturiser.  This is the perfect treatment for someone who has not really experienced any facials before so is a great introduction to the hour long facial, which is more beneficial for your skin and well being.