In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, I have implemented a range of measures to ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of my customers. These measures include adaptations to my beauty facilities as well as operating procedures, based upon the advice received from public health experts at the UK Government and World Health Organisation.

The adaptations that I have implemented to keep clients safe include:

  • Enhanced cleaning – I already maintain a high standard of cleanliness, although I have implemented additional cleaning between client appointments to ensure all surfaces are safe and virus-free.
  • Air ventilation – I have installed a high-capacity ventilation system which ensures that the air in the beauty room is fully replaced between each client appointment and the room remains well ventilated during appointments.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – I perform all beauty treatments while wearing PPE which is discarded after each appointment.
  • Perspex screening – I have installed a Perspex protective screen at my nail therapy desk.
  • Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) – I perform a LFT twice per week to ensure that I am free of infection.  
  • Temperature testing – I have the equipment to perform a temperature check on both myself and clients before each appointment.

COVID testing prior to attending appointments

I believe that both myself and my clients have a joint duty of responsibility to ensure adequate precautions are taken to reduce the potential risk of transmission and infection. With this in mind, I regularly perform a lateral flow test to ensure that I am infection-free, and I would appreciate it if clients could do the same prior to attending their appointment.